Who We Are

Who We Are

FORUDEF is a non profit organization founded in 1998 as a catalyst and facilitator towards social, economic and environmental sustainability in the South West Region of Cameroon and beyond. With a mission to Alleviate Hunger, Poverty, and Improve Access to healthcare while protecting the environment, animal threatened species, natural resources and conserving forests. We advocate for Sustainable Development by providing education and training programs using sustainable practices.

Our Mission

FORUDEF is dedicated to promoting the wise use of natural resources, the improvement of rural living standards and the building of local capacities through partnership, training, advocacy and the sharing of information in the Southwest region and beyond.

Our Goal

The goal of FORUDEF is to build capacity at the village level to increase community access to resources and participation in the sustainable management of natural resources, community health and livelihood improvement, and to experience greater benefits in standard of living as a result.


How can you help?

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